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At China River, our mission is to bring the real, authentic flavor of Sichuan cuisine to New York City. Sichuan food is known for its bold, vibrant taste which comes from the use of various spices, garlic, and pepper. Sichuan pepper is famous for its tingly, numbing spice, and many of our dishes make use of this unique flavor.

There’s no other place in New York City that can emulate the real Sichuan taste and style. Our chef has 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and was trained by one of the best and most skilled chefs of Chinese cuisine. He has been famous for his creativity and excellent Chinese creations since 1990.

Everything you will find in our restaurant is made using fresh ingredients, most of which are imported from China. This adds to the authenticity and taste of our food. Come, experience the taste of real Sichuan here!